Elite Nutritional Advice

Planning for success with the 7 'Ps'
"Prior Personal Planning Prevents Personal Poor Performance"

With our hurried lifestyles eating a healthy diet is usually the last thing on our minds, but as we all know it is a topic that needs to be addressed if we are to live healthier, happier more energetic lives. 

I'm a firm believer in planning for success and helping you achieve your ideal weight or fitness goal based on your body type, lifesyle, fitness goals and eating habits.

Attaining your desired weight should not be a chore and with a personalised diet plan suited to you, eating the right foods for a healthier fitter leaner body will become a healthy habit that will last.

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Here are my top 5 simple starter health tips...

Get 8 hours of sleep a night

   Sleep deprivation can lead to stress, tiredness and changes in mood which effect the people around you. You may think you are gaining time by sleeping less but by doing this you are putting your body in a less productive state. Get an early night and get those 8 hours for a more productive you.

Quit Smoking

     If you are one of these people who still smokes, seriously stop it! There is no reason to smoke, and no reason to feel pressured to by friends on nights out and social occasions. Not only does it shorten your overall life span it burns a serious hole in both your pocket and that woolly jumper.

Half your alcohol consumption

    Alcohol may make you feel more relaxed but its classed as a depressant. It also holds no nutrional value and has what is classed as "empty calories" which will not only effect your mood the next day but will play havoc with your weight and your liver. It is also highly acidic.

Move More

     Unfortunately with global movements (excuse the pun) technology is such that you dont have to move your body as much anymore leading to obesity in many places in the world. What with the internet, mobile communication and less mobile office jobs we are becoming a world of overweight individuals. A government recommended 30 mins a day is vital to long term health. So take the stairs, park the car further from work and stretch your legs at lunchtime. Small things make a big difference. 

Eat more fruit and vegatables

     Yes we hear this everyday but its for good reason. Fruit and Vegatables contain most of our daily vitamins and nutrients that help our body repair. At a cellular level if we dont give our bodies what it needs to repair cells wither and die leading to desease. They also contain alot of water so help us stay hydrated without having to down the recommended 2 litres of water a day. The saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" has some real evidence behind it.

    "Incorporate these 5 Simple Tips and notice the difference today"