Nicci Cole
I needed to get my life back on track...

After losing my husband to cancer in January 2015 I was in a very dark and lonely place.  I started to comfort eat and felt very lethargic.  I decided I needed to get my life back on track and that's when I plucked up the courage to go to one of Rob's boot camp sessions.  I absolutely loved it. The group were so welcoming and Rob's enthusiasm is so infectious. I didn't hesitate to go back the following week.  Each week I can feel my fitness levels improving and by following the nutritional advice that Rob gives the weight is dropping off. No two sessions are the same and the best thing for me is I never find myself clock watching as I would at the gym. I completely recommend Rob whatever your fitness level. I was so inspired I decided to do a few one to one sessions as an extra boost and thoroughly enjoyed them.

Tracey Curtis 

Thank you Email

Hey Rob, I know I say "thank you" after each of my training sessions with you, but I wanted to say a proper thank you. My diet isnt as strict as it could be, but I'm happy with that choice. But I can honestly say I've not felt as good in myself or indeed about myself for a very very long time, and thats all down to your personal training approach, your knowledge, expertise, motivation & enthusiasm. My figure has never really bothered me, or atleast thats what I had been telling myself. After having my baby boy in Sept 2011 I thought my new "shape" was permanent... but since meeting you and being much more body aware, my body shape is definitely better now that it was before I even had my little girl in 2007 and I'm overjoyed with the results. I loathed going clothes shopping, nothing ever fitted and its always been something that I did out of necessity rather than pleasure but I went shopping on saturday for an outfit for my sister's birthday meal. Not only did I purchase a smaller size of the jeans than those I had bought in Jan, I also bought a few tops in a size 12........A size 12!!! I've NEVER been a size 12!!!

So, thank you for all your encouragement and your skills and for giving me back my sparkle! With kindest regards Tracey.

Business Entreprenuer

Lesley Roe 

I can't recommend Rob enough

I came to Rob after having my second child feeling rubbish for not having been able to lose the weight as quickly as I had with my first. My confidence was knocked and I didn't feel good about myself at all. Rob gave me a diet to follow and showed me a different way to look at food. Coupled with different work outs each week that were anything other than mundane (my biggest bugbear with the gym) he set me on the right path. It's not been easy but every lb lost is through hard work and determination. I can't recommend Rob enough. A friendly, non militant trainer who is always there to pick you up when your motivation wavers.

Lesley Roe Customer Care Manager 

Matt Hill

Right from the first meeting Rob 'got' what I was about

I wanted specific stretching targets that were not run of the mill. I wanted measurable increases in power, strength, more 'spring in my step' and a leaner physique.The professional programme that was put together and more importantly the professional execution of it, along with the results blew me away. All goals were achieved and more.  I am now starting phase II with a new set of goals and have full confidence in Rob delivering them. In my book the golden ticket is someone who 'under promises and over delivers'.  Rob is one of those people who will go that extra mile with you - literally. Thank Rob and lets nail phase II!

Matt Hill Martial Arts Instructor & Entrepreneur

Graeme Anderson 

My efforts with Rob have given me some stunning results; body fat down below 14% and weight of 91kg

Rob is very engaging, listens to what you want and then using his extensive skills & knowledge devised an exercise programme for me. Before we started Rob did some tests to check my overall fitness including a body fat check then at (21%); my start weight (112kg) and we then set up a regular Wednesday evening session.

Rob’s exercise program was a combination of aerobic workouts strength & toning exercises encorporated with nutritional guidance including 20tips for fat loss and what to eat to beat the bulge. For the first few weeks I also had to submit a food diary which he reviewed and then suggested changes. With his encouragement, my eating habits have changed completely which has been surprisingly easy.

As a trainer Rob seems to me to be a little ‘unconventional’ – in that he mixed everything up and had me doing things I never would dream of doing. This meant it was very enjoyable and actually fun! Getting fit and losing weight demands a great deal of psychological effort – being out of your comfort zone and trying different things successfully gives you such a huge mental boost.

- Rob is incredibly enthusiastic, with a positive ‘can do’ attitude so if you put in the effort he really makes you work hard so that you get results. 

Graeme Anderson Director Capital Markets Europe Ltd

Andrea Thornton 

Rob has single handedly given me back my confidence and my figure

From day one with Rob, he made me feel like nothing was impossible and that my goal weight/shape was only a matter of weeks away. Within a few sessions, I could see the results and health wise I was also feeling incredible. I was always fairly confident about my weight and fitness, but after having my second child I couldn't seem to get back into shape and I found my confidence and health suffered as a result. His training sessions were always fun, always different and he always pushed me, which is what I needed. I couldn't recommend him enough.

Andrea Thornton Actor & Movie Director

Julie Larkin

Rob was an enormous breath of fresh air

I first trained with Rob after leaving a trainer who was a bully, and Rob was an enormous breath of fresh air. He has a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm, and is so positive it can't help but rub off. I felt that he really listened to me and what I wanted, and devised so really interesting sessions around what I needed to do to get where I wanted to go and we achieved amazing results. If you need to get in shape then I would highly recommend him.

Julie Larkin Bid Finance Manager & Commercial Finance Manager at Sodexo

Tracey Pooley

His passion for what he does is infectious

Four months after joining my local gym the monotony of the routine had already started to set in. By chance Rob approached me one evening, we struck up a conversation and I decided to book my first ever personal training session!
I approached it with some trepidation, fearful that I wouldn't be able to 'keep up'. I needn't have worried. Rob had put together a plan based on our conversation, he had written up all the exercises and gave me a 'diet tip' sheet. Even at this point I felt like he had actually listened to me and what I wanted from our sessions.
His passion for what he does is infectious and the buzz I felt at the end of the first session was amazing. He kept me motivated and wanting to do more; he made me want to push myself further than I thought I could.
He made me laugh (which always helps) and gave me exercises that could be done in isolation, or as a part of the routine he had set, or that I could incorporate into the existing routine which had previously started to bore me!
As my PT sessions progressed Rob always came up with different types of exercises, to keep me motivated. Everything was always thoroughly explained and he was very patient when I started to flag. I am now, fitter, thinner, stronger and more motivated in the gym. I now enjoy going to the gym three or four times a week.

Tracey Pooley Clinical Commissioning Group Support Manager

Rhoda Mensah

Training with Rob was really enjoyable and I gained a greater understanding of the mechanics, purpose and benefits of exercise.

I've known Rob for about 10 years and because of his dedication in his own specialist field, I had high expectations and knew I need a strong charactor like his to motivate me to get fit and tone up. At my first session he identified key areas for us to work on including my arms, thighs and stomach, specifically how to make them slimmer and tighter. I trained with him once a week and he also devisd me a home and gym plan to follow.After a few sessions my body shape started to change, my fitness levels improved and I felt brilliant. Rob set me realistic goals which I managed to achieve, advised me on my diet and gave me great nutritional information to ensure my diet supported my training and weight loss goal, which made me feel healthier, fitter and a much happier person. Training with Rob was really enjoyable and I gained a greater understanding of the mechanics, purpose and benefits of exercise.

Rhoda Mensah Dancer

Katherine French 

Rob gives us advice on how to eat well and helps keep all our spirits up with his endless enthusiasm.

I have always enjoyed fitness and sports but never had any confidence in myself, so when I plucked up the courage to finally attend Rob's boot camps I wondered why I'd taken so long to do so! In the three years I have been going my fitness levels have soared and I've never felt so healthy in my entire life. As well as the fitness side, Rob also gives us advice on how to eat well and helps keep all our spirits up with his endless enthusiasm. Boot camp is varied and caters for all fitness levels and I am pretty sure we've never done the same session twice in the entire time I've attended which is what keeps us all motivated. Lastly and most importantly through Rob and Boot camp I have meet the most amazing people whom I class as my closest friends now and hopefully are friends for life. Everyone at Boot camp is so friendly and welcoming to all, it's a fantastic atmosphere and we all motivate each other to succeed. I am so glad I made that step to come along. Thank you Rob

Hard core Fitness Enthusiast

Sherelyn Cowles

Since meeting Rob and participating in his boot camp, I am the fittest and most active that I have ever been.  I have been attending for about 2 and ½ years and the sessions are always varied and fun.  The groups is a lovely friendly bunch and I have made some solid friendships.

Company Owner

Lynn Shewring 

I have attended Rob's Boot camp Classes & they are first class.He has a great presence you instantly warm to.

Out in the fresh air Rob instils a great sense of camaraderie within the group, combining a mix of fun, competitiveness and fellow support and we are made to almost feel part of a fitness family.He always has great regard to safeguarding against injury and always ensures we have a comprehensive warm up session covering all the main muscle groups. Throughout the session Rob caters for all levels of fitness encouraging us to achieve our individual best and give maximum effort, pushing and encouraging us in a fun session packed with an interesting range of Cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance exercises.
He has a professional and holistic approach, maximising fitness along with encouraging optimum nutrition and generally instilling a sense of well being.

Health Professional

Jenny Bourton 

If you are thinking of getting fit, loosing weight or changing your lifestyle then all I can say is Rob Mitchell is your man.

I joined Robs Boot camp sessions once my second daughter was 6 months old . I had thought I would never get back what I had before my two girls, certainly not my size but I was determined to loose a little. I plucked up the courage to join them and have never turned back.  The training Rob does is incredible, its works CV as well as strength training and is always different. He is there rain or shine and always on hand for extra advice and guidance. I have also made some great friends and those that choose to partake we do a few races (muddy ones). Anyway I am the fittest I have ever been and also down to a size I decided was not possible, so change can happen!

I cant thank Rob enough for making me, me again.